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Sections 10 and 24 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999)
Date of creation: 10.8.2020


Mestarintie 3, 01730 Vantaa
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Contact person
Taina Ahti-Aalto +358 400 459 098

Name of the register
PCBI Oy | Marketing register


Purpose of the processing of personal data
Personal data is used for purposes in accordance with the Personal Data Act, such as

  • Customer relationship management and maintenance
  • Customer letters and press releases
  • Customer surveys and collection of customer information
  • Implementation, sales, management, invoicing and marketing of products / services and development of services provided by PCBI Oy and its partners
  • PCBI Oy and companies belonging to the same group has the right to use and disclose the information in the register for a justified purpose (eg direct mail, online selling, opinion and market research) in accordance with the Personal Data Act and other applicable legislation.
  • In the processing of personal data, we also comply with IT2018 EHK - Special Conditions for the Processing of Personal Data


Content of the register

  • Contact information: Company name, name, title and address information, phone numbers, email addresses
  • Marketing authorizations / prohibitions for direct marketing issued by the customer
  • Profiling information provided by the customer as well as information about the customer relationship and the use of the services (eg feedback, as well as information related to the procurement of services or the company's strategy)
  • Other identifying information and contact information related to the person can be transferred to the marketing register for use in direct marketing even after the end of the customer relationship.
  • Regular sources of information
  • Customer register of PCBI Oy and PCBI Nordic Oy
  • Information provided by the customer and information generated in connection with the service. The information is automatically stored in the register when the user submits the information to our website


Regular disclosures

  • For direct marketing purposes in accordance with Section 19§ of the Personal Data Act
  • For opinion and market research and similar studies
  • For data transfer outside the EU or the EEA
  • Data may also be disclosed outside the EU or the EEA
  • The information is located outside Finland or in the EU in the data warehouses of the owners of the services leased by PCBI Oy


Registry security principles

A Manual Information

  • There is no manual material

B Digital Information

  • The registry is protected from external intrusions with usernames and passwords. These databases can only be accessed by those who have the right to do so and the necessary passwords for their work. Users will be left with a user log. The company also has access control to personal data information storage facilities.


Right of inspection
Everyone has the right to know what personal data information is stored in the personal register. The right of inspection is free of charge once a year and upon request the person must prove his / her identity either with an electronic certificate system using reliable identification (eg electronic ID card), an identity card presented in person at customer service or a personally signed or similarly certified document. Information will be provided in writing upon request. Personal verification requests can be submitted to PCBI's customer service, from where they will be forwarded to other contact persons.


Right to demand correction of information
The controller shall delete, correct or supplement inaccurate, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated information for processing on its own initiative or at the request of the person. A request for rectification must be made in writing.


Right to request deletion of data
Everyone has the right to be forgotten. Upon written request, we will delete all of our information regarding the registrant.


Other rights related to the processing of personal data

The data subject has the right to prohibit the controller from processing personal data about him / her for direct advertising, distance selling, and other direct marketing, market and opinion research, personal registration and genealogy. The ban should be addressed to the contact person responsible for registration matters.


Cookies and instructions for using cookies
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